Welcome to Rapp Lane

Our house is in a small cluster of custom homes located in the Deza Estates neighborhood in Northglenn, Colorado. It was built in 1957. We are the fourth homeowners, the longest couple having lived there from 1968-2009. The rest is a mystery that we hope to solve. 

The house is situated on a hill overlooking downtown Denver to the south and the Rocky Mountains to the west.  The main level is 1330 sq ft and consists of the kitchen, dining and living areas, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The walk-out basement is an additional 1330 sq ft and contains another living area, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and the laundry room. 

We closed on our home March 1, 2017 and immediately began the process of restoring this beauty. Visit Our Renovation to follow along as we uncover Rapp Lane's past and become custodians of its future. 

Home Portrait by  Jim Stigall

Home Portrait by Jim Stigall


The Early Years

The Patterson family moved into the Rapp house in 1968. They had moved to Colorado from Texas. We were fortunate to connect with the two of daughters and hear stories of their time growing up at the house.  This was one of our favorites:

The first winter we were there my filly was about 4-5 months old, there was a terrible below zero blizzard and Jo decided we needed to bring her in from the pasture and put her in the basement.  We spread hay along the back wall and she stayed inside for 2 days while the mare was in the carport.

They also shared family photos, a few of which we've included here from the early years. Thanks to their generosity, we are one step closer to understanding the rich history of our home. 


Deza Estates

...the most daringly different residential area...No two houses are alike in Deza Estates...for each is individually, personally designed.

Deza Estates is located in the southwest corner of Northglenn, south of W. 99th Avenue and west of Huron Street. Situated on the brow of a hill, many of the homes have excellent views of downtown Denver and the Front Range. It was developed in the late 1950s by H. A. Swanson (Full name: Henry Arthur (Art) Swanson), with homes ranging from $15,000 to $45,000.

The homes of Deza Estates were all custom built. A promotional brochure for the neighborhood explained the process. It read, "You select your site in Deza Estates...a site that will give you the view YOU want...the landscaping YOU want...the size YOU want. Then you sit down with the architect for a session you will never forget. You tell him what you like. Take a pencil and doodle your pet ideas for him. Your next session will be a delight...seeing preliminary sketches. If some phase isn't quite right, you discuss it...get it right...just the way you want. Then you plan for blueprinting. Your thrills have just begun...watch it grow...see what goes into YOUR house, the materials are the best...workmanship is the best. Surprise after surprise...pleasant ones."

1950s Marketing Materials for Deza Estates. Courtesy of  Northglenn Historic Preservation Commission .

1950s Marketing Materials for Deza Estates. Courtesy of Northglenn Historic Preservation Commission.

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A minute of mid-mod zen from Deza Estates brought to you by Adrian Kinney of Colorado Mid-Mod Homes. Video by Atom Stevens of Harvey Park Modern.

The Northglenn Historic Preservation Commission is currently looking for more information on the origins of Deza Estates, including stories, memories, advertisements, articles, historic photographs, etc. Visit their site here to learn more or to contribute.